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Welcome to your complete car solution
The easiest way to your car’s top performance. Get your every car problem solved quickly at your convenience.
Welcome to your complete car solution
The easiest way to your car’s top performance. Get your every car problem solved quickly at your convenience.
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Increase Your Car's Lifetime With Brisbane Top Wreckers

Servicing your car is as important as maintaining good health for yourself.

Brisbane being the busiest road, the number of car issues are high.

Your car needs a regular check-up to ensure healthy life and a good output.

Brisbane top wreckers caters to all types of exclusive services from log book services to car maintenance services to assist you in a happy travelling journey.

Get your car well tuned by the best servicing company. Ensure your car’s safety and ease of riding.

Below are the different services we provide car service to help you with your car troubles.


Car service for better performance of your car

  • We service your car extensively to maintain its value.
  • Brisbane top wreckers have professional expertise in the car servicing Industry to solve your respective concerns.
  • Get a free quote today for a quick check-up and servicing.

1- Log book services

Don’t you want your car to give maximum output? Having a log book service just ensures the same for you.

It is a thorough inventory of routine administrations suggested by the manufacturer of your vehicle for smooth activity and life span of your car.

If you do not maintain your log book, you are at a disadvantage of paying hefty sums for your car repairing, if a need has to arise. You will lose your warranty too.

Your car needs regular tuning with respect to its engines and other important technical assistance for every 10000 km.

2- Roadworthy services

Roadworthy/Safety services are essential for every car owner to ensure every major component of your car is under great condition and is not depreciating.

This includes Tyres, Braking system, Steering, suspension, car engines, etc.

After doing the complete inspection, our friendly staff gives you the Safety certificate, provided your car does not have any issues.

On the off chance that your car fails to meet the safety standards, you need not feel troubled. We correct your respective faults and help your car meet the safety standards. You can then gain access to your Roadworthy/Safety certificates.

3- Car servicing

Maintaining your car longevity is the ultimate aim of every car owner. But, how many take care of the same?

Selling your car due to issues which would have otherwise been easily solved is a regret you wouldn’t like to have.

Our exceptional car services looks for the potential problems to ensure safety of your car. This includes complete car analysis, lights services, brakes, tyres and all the problems your car faces.

Do regular servicing of your car to help yourself avoid any future mishaps. This saves you money, maintains the longevity of your vehicle and ensures the value of your car.

4- AC and Cooling systems

Summers are difficult to bear and more so, the extensive heat Australia experiences.

The traffic makes the case worse.

Picture this: You have an essential catch-up with your colleague or plan to go on a drive with your family. The heat would spoil your plans and your enjoyment.

You wouldn’t like to destroy your mood, isn’t it?

We have got you cover to help you travel to curtail the scorching summers and enjoy your journey.

Brisbane top wreckers offers complete AC and cooling operation services - gas filling, repair your cooling system, assemble necessary parts and many more services.

Just enquire us for a free quote and you will get rid of the troubling summers.

5- A-Z Mechanical Repair services

Any mechanical damage that lessens the impact of your car can deteriorate your car condition.

From simple furnishing to complete engine rebuild, we do it all for your car. To repair all sorts of casualties and how to repair them, our mechanics consistently keep touch with the latest trends.

If you have any mechanical concern for your car, reach out to us and we will make sure it is repaired at the earliest.

6-Alternators and Batteries services

Alternators and Batteries are two most essential components of your vehicle.

Batteries provide the initial boost to help your car turn on. It helps the alternators then to carry the complete process to run the car.

Any harm to either alternator or your car battery can make it difficult for your car to run.

If your car is taking longer than usual to get started or the lights are dim, you have got a problem with your alternator or battery. It's best to regularly inspect your alternator and battery from a dependable mechanic to not face this problem.

At Brisbane top wreckers you are guaranteed of an excellent service. Maintain your alternator and battery in a good shape.

7- Brakes and suspension

There is no greater agony for a car driver than to find his car stopped in the middle of the road due to some petty brakes and suspension services.

The issues that would have otherwise been easily repaired forces you to be stranded alone in the center of the road.

Take great care of your brakes and suspensions with Brisbane top wreckers easy and swift service. We ensure each and every small problem of your car concerned with brakes and suspensions are in a great condition.

8-Exclusive Bosch warranty services

Having this unique Bosch car service warranty, you can safeguard your car from any issues within the Australian nation. This saves you from hefty charges and costs if your car is to be damaged any time soon.

If you have recently serviced your car from a Bosch mechanic, you can get your car repaired without paying any extra cent if you run into a problem.

Brisbane top wreckers is an associate partner offering Bosch warranty service. With the help of our professional team expertise, we help you to enjoy your ride without any interruptions.

No matter where you are in Australia, we will repair your car free of cost provided you have Bosch warranty service access.

Irrespective of your car issues, Brisbane top wreckers specializes in providing you an efficient and adequate servicing. Servicing your car is very necessary if you want to increase your car longevity and have a trouble free driving experience.

Get your car serviced from the best servicing company and drive your car without panicking about any future car problems.

Improve your car performance today

Brisbane top wreckers offers a unique car servicing wherein we take complete care of your car examining the defects and correcting as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Being aware of your car problem before it gets severe will help you to save money as well as be burden free. This saves you from larger problems which can easily drain huge cash from your pockets.

We ensure you don’t go through this.

At Brisbane Top wreckers, a detailed procedure is followed to solve your car problems.

A thorough inspection of your car is carried. If your vehicle fails to meet the general standards of top performance and well being, you need not worry. We provide you with the best quote and do the necessary servicing to help you achieve safety standards.

Our professional engineers then carry out the process of car servicing. Through effective techniques we work out your car concerns and solve it.

Your car is then ready to perform the best after getting serviced. Get it done now.

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